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Do you want the opportunity to have a brighter future? Do you feel you might want to find out more about getting a job, training, volunteering, and college and university courses? Do you know about the help you can get with childcare to help you attend some of these things? If you are a single parent or a single kinship carer, we are the people that can help you.

At the OPFS Dundee Employability Service, we have workers dedicated to helping single parents and single kinship carers on their journey towards a future that could include building your confidence, helping you get some experience, gain some qualifications and get a job.

Our services can take you from the very early stages of your journey to help you identify what opportunities are available, help you to identify your childcare needs, build up your confidence to help you feel ready to join in activities, training or volunteering opportunities.

A dedicated worker will help you to plan how you can take those first important steps  to help you on your way to a brighter future.

Flexibility & expertise

Our workers can meet with you at a time and place that suits you best, including your own home to start you on your journey. They can talk to you about what you would like to work towards, what your dreams are for the future, what would you like to achieve. They have a lot of knowledge and experience of working with people just like you and they will be able to give advice and support about what you can do to get you started. The workers will do what we call ‘action planning’ so you will have your own plan for your future. There are lots of things going on across Dundee that you might not know about, but we do.

Help with forms, apps & CVs

If you are unsure about going to things on your own for the first time, or about filling in forms, job applications and CV’s, we can help with this. We can go with you at the start, to introduce you to people. We can help with letters and forms. We can make sure you get a benefits check so you know how your money will be affected and we can point you towards other people who can also help you at different stages of your journey.

Group sessions available

As well as one-to-one work, we also have some group sessions that might interest you.

We have a free weekly ‘Focus on your Future’ drop-in sessions where parents/carers can get help and advice to plan for their futures. This can include career choices, options and pathways; better off calculations and advice re in-work benefits and support to find suitable childcare. We provided free internet access and the use of a telephone and have the facilities to enable you to do job searching and other similar activities.

Workers can offer advice regarding course choices and offer support to complete the application process for college, etc. Information is also available about accessing and funding training courses. Appointments can also be made with our friendly Job Centre advisor.

We also have free weekly ‘Learning Sessions’ where you can be supported to enrol on and complete accredited on-line courses that are recognised by employers and colleges.

If you aren’t great at using computers, workers are on hand to help you with the basic IT skills you need in our ‘Busy Fingers’ sessions. These can be tailored to meet your needs and done on a one to one basis if needed.

Opening hours

If you feel you would like to start planning for your future, we would be very happy to hear from you.

We’re open Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

We have an answering machine out with these times so you can leave a message and we will call you back. If you don’t feel able to get in touch yourself, someone else can do this on your behalf like your health visitor, housing officer or any other person who knows you.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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