The 101 Project at 30

The 101 Project at 30

The 101 Project has been operating in Dundee for 30 years, under a few different names. We opened our doors on the 13th January 1984, delivering localised services in the then highly deprived Whitfield area of Dundee.

Since then we’ve expanded our services and now provide support to families across Dundee. Our base, however, has always remained in the Community Services Building on Whitfield Drive in Whitfield.

Single parents still get bad press, but not many of us can say that we don’t know someone who hasn’t suffered the heartache of a relationship breaking down, with families being separated. This can cause financial and emotional hardship to both the adults and children involved.

The 101 Project feels that every parent and their children should have the opportunity to access supportive services to maximise their potential for the future. Children’s well-being and developing parental potential are central to what we strive to achieve.

When we started out, our services were very much about engaging actively with families through informal activities run by volunteers to promote community involvement and investment. Service users and volunteers shaped our activities and local fund raising events were regular occurrences.

We still do many of these same things, but now we also do so much more as well.

We provide support and advice to single parents, separating and separated families, young parents and other families needing support.

Depending on their circumstances, our workers meet with people at home, at our offices in Whitfield, or at one of our groups or drop-in’s.

Our team has a wealth of experience supporting parents and their families with everyday situations, as well as at more complex and difficult times.

They can offer all families advice and information about issues that can affect family life such as:

  • social isolation
  • managing parenthood and all its challenges
  • child development
  • family/personal relationships
  • finances
  • housing
  • legal matters
  • debt management.

We have specialist workers to help any single parent, or any young parent under 25, thinking about developing their future potential by building on their confidence and skills to try and secure employment, return to education or training.

We also deliver groups on different topics like:

  • promoting positive parenting/family/peer relationships
  • parenting issues
  • developing potential/employability preparation
  • confidence building
  • holistic wellbeing
  • sexual health and healthy lifestyles.

As a citywide service, groups are delivered in different localities at different times.

We’ve worked with thousands of families across Dundee over the last 30 years. Last year we supported over 500 families.

The feedback from the families we’ve supported is very positive and many have gone on to become valuable contributors in their local communities and Dundee as a whole. One parent sums this up really well. She said:

“Having gone from being isolated, in an unknown part of the city, to being part of a community has had a very positive impact not just on myself, but my children too. Our family life has vastly improved and it shows on my children’s happy faces.”

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