Web Safety

If you don’t want anyone to know that you’ve visited our website, the information below could help.

Remember that if you’re concerned that someone might check what you are looking at on your computer:

  • Don’t use your home computer; use a computer at your local public library, an internet café, your work, or a trusted friend’s house.
  • Use a browsers private browsing mode. This allows you to browse the web without storing data that could be retrieved at a later date. This goes by several names depending on what browser you use, such as “InPrivate Browsing”, “Incognito”, or “Private browsing”.
  • Clear your web browser’s history, if you have not used a browser’s private browsing mode. This allows you to clear some of the evidence of the websites you have visited and searches you have done. However, you should be aware that this will not remove all records from the computer. How to perform this is dependent on the browser you use, so if you are unclear how to do this, a quick search of the internet should give you instructions for your browser.
Web Safety

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