Back to the Future with OPFS Archive Visit

Back to the Future with OPFS Archive Visit

Preparations for celebrating the 75th Anniversary of OPFS later in the year are in full swing. This includes an exhibition being prepared by the renowned photographer, Amara Eno, to engage with and celebrate single-parenthood across Scotland. This project is offering the opportunity for single parent families to represent themselves visually and through words, in a way that is both more empowering and accurate.

Ahead of the exhibition we visited the OPFS archives at the Special Collections in the Saltire Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University to unearth historical documents stretching back over seventy years. Our campaigning work and services for single parents was very clear throughout the extensive archive. The language used to describe single parents and children will now seem alien to us given the references to ‘illegitimate children’ and ‘putative fathers’ in some documents from the sixties and seventies for example.

We continue to campaign and represent single parents as many of the issues faced by them over the decades are sadly still here. Namely, having fair and equal access to housing, affordable childcare and flexible employment.

If you know of anyone that has accessed any of the OPFS services over the years who would be willing to share their story, please get in touch.

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