Challenge Poverty Week

Challenge Poverty Week

This year Challenge Poverty Week runs from 7-13th October. OPFS and other anti-poverty groups from across Scotland are coming together to call for more compassion to break the grip of poverty on people’s lives.

The groups are staging special events showing how low incomes, high costs, lack of decent work, and lack of access to help and services the people need are affecting thousands of local households.

The Scotland-wide campaign is designed to show that poverty exists in Scotland and affects us all, that people can work to end it, that it restricts people’s ability to take part in society, and that it can be solved by boosting incomes and reducing costs of living.

Challenge Poverty Week brings together local groups across the country with big national organisations.

Satwat Rehman, Director OPFS said: “Poverty restricts people’s lives in multiple ways and single parent families are disproportionately affected with almost twice as many of the children living in poverty compared with those in couple families.

“We need to turn compassion into action. We need to put this situation right so that single parent families have a decent standard of living that allows them to grow and progress in their lives. Poverty exists in Scotland and affects us all, it restricts people’s ability to take part in society, and it can be solved by boosting incomes and reducing costs of living.”

Peter Kelly of The Poverty Alliance said: “Poverty restricts the choices people can make, leaving them in impossible situations like choosing either to heat their home or pay their rent.

“With rising living costs and unstable work, our economy is holding people down and stopping many from choosing their own path.

“We can solve poverty by loosening its grip on people. Benefits help release people from the restrictions our economy places on them, such as low pay and high housing costs.”

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