Benefits when your children get older

Benefits when your children get older

Are your children getting older?

Your benefits, tax credits and child maintenance could change. Child Tax Credit usually stops on 31 August after your child turns 16, but can continue for children under 20 in approved education, training or registered with a careers service.

See our What happens when my child gets older advice guide, or call the Lone Parent Helpline on 0808 801 0323 if you need to speak to an adviser.

Is your child leaving education?

If your child is leaving education altogether, how it will affect your finances will depend on what they’re planning to do after they leave. If your child is 16, or will be 16 by the end of the summer holidays after leaving school, your benefits will continue at least until the end of the summer after they have left school. How your benefits are affected after that will depend on what your child is going to do afterwards.

Is your child going into further education?

If your child is staying in non-advanced education or training, is under 20 years old and enrolled on their course before their 19th birthday they are still classed as your dependent child. Your benefits shouldn’t be affected but tell the Tax Credit Office as soon as possible to make sure you get paid the right amount of tax credit.

Is your child going to university?

When your child is studying in higher education they are no longer classed as your dependant, so you won’t be entitled to get child benefit, or tax credits for them. Usually child benefit and child tax credit continue until the end of August if your child is starting a higher education course in the September term. We often have parents call the helpline who didn’t know studying at HNC level would affect their benefits.

 What happens when my child gets older?

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