International Women’s Day #ProudSingleParents Poem

International Women’s Day #ProudSingleParents Poem

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2018, Antonia Seaward supported mums at the Glasgow hub to write a collaborative poem about being a Proud Single Parent.


You are perfectly beautiful just the way you are

I love you 14 million

You are the weirdest & most fun mummy

I’ve ran you a bath,

Made you a cake to help with your head & and your tummy

Headphones on at the school gates today

I know I embarrass you sometimes

But that’s how it is, and when you’ve got your own kids

I know that you’ll do it later in life

When I see you trying to imitate me,

Boasting your banter is just like your mums

That is the greatest feeling in the world,

and shows me that you are proud of what we’ve become

All the things that you make for me,

I treasure as if they are gold

I know I will keep them forever

To read them when I grow old

I am so very proud of your nature

Compassion shines out from your soul

Even if sometimes it seems I am sad

I have you to help make me feel whole

Sometimes the past can weigh heavy on me

You give me the strength to move

You try to look after me too

You won’t be a baby forever

I feel very blessed to have you

I never thought it was going to be easy

Doing the hardest job ever, alone

I know I will do the best that I can

To give you the safety of home

When you grow up we will climb mountains together

Travel the world, just you and me

The greatest gift I can give you my darling

Is the strength and the power to be free

Voices from all different places

Some further away than others

But we all share something, that’s precious to us

The experience of a being proud single mothers

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