New Best Start Grant Early Learning Payment

New Best Start Grant Early Learning Payment

The Early Learning Payment is £250 to help eligible families with the costs when your child is two to three and half.

It’s part of Best Start Grant, a package of three payments to help families in Scotland at key stages in a child’s life.

Parents or cares who get certain benefits or tax credits can apply. And you can still apply even if your child is not taking up a nursery place.

You can use the money for anything from clothes and shoes to toys, books or days out for your little ones. It’s up to you what’s best for your family.

OPFS has already successfully assisted single parents with the application process.

Case Study

Marion* is a young single parent living in Glasgow. She was 28 weeks pregnant with her second child and was assisted to apply for the Best Start Grant by OPFS. Marion was in receipt of ESA and was struggling to cope financial to provide items for herself and her family. She was suffering from stress and anxiety due to her financial situation. Although she had previously received the Sure Start Grant for her first child she no longer had any of the essential items that she needed due to the length of time between their births. She was assisted to apply for the Baby Box which provided much needed essential items. Marion was so pleased that she would receive the Best Start Grant and was less anxious over her financial situation. When she received the payment, she was able to go out and choose what items she needed and plan the room that her new baby would have.

Marion said:

“ made me feel so good being able to go out with money in my pocket and  I felt as if I was in control, just being able to go shopping for my baby cheered me up. I felt really good being able to spend the day shopping as I’m on benefits so don’t have money to usually  go out and spend money like this for my baby.”

For advice and information call the helpline for free on 0808 801 0323. Interpreters are available if required.

Alternatively, you can 

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*name has been changed.

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