OPFS 75th Anniversary Exhibition – The 25 Percent

OPFS 75th Anniversary Exhibition – The 25 Percent

One Parent Families Scotland (OPFS), the leading charity working with single parent families in Scotland is celebrating its 75th year. OPFS gives a voice to single parents, challenging child poverty, discrimination and stigma, celebrating single parents and their children for their achievements. 


In this, our 75th anniversary year, photographer Amara Eno has worked with parents and children to create new work reflecting the lives of single parent families. A photographic exhibition of Amara’s work opens to the public from 13-24th November at the Custom Lane Centre, Customs Wharf, Leith. It marks 75 years of OPFS and reflects on why we were set up, acknowledges how culture and society has changed over the decades and our plans for the future. 


Satwat Rehman, Director OPFS said: 


“Over one in four families in Scotland are headed by a single parent. ‘The 25 Percent’ is an amazing chronicle of the positive reflections, but also the hardships, that make up the single-parent family landscape in Scotland. Throughout our 75 years of working with single parents, the one constant has been the love and dedication to their children. No matter how difficult their circumstances, their children always come first. 


We want to celebrate this through the exhibition the 25 per cent and challenge the myths and stereotypes about single parent families.” 


Amara Eno, Photographer said: 


“Just under three years ago, I began working on a project called ‘The 25 Percent’, a long-term commentary that speaks to my own experiences of being raised by a single mother. Single parent families were never a family type that I saw being widely celebrated growing up, and so it’s a really huge step and honour for me to have been invited to collaborate with OPFS. I am immensely grateful to OPFS for seeing value in my work and especially thankful to all the families involved for opening their doors and sharing their stories of strength with me.” 


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