OPFS Response to Scottish Parliament Inequality Debate

OPFS Response to Scottish Parliament Inequality Debate

One Parent Families Scotland has responded to comments made by Michelle Ballantyne MSP when she said the poor “can’t have as many children as they like” during a debate about inequality in the Scottish Parliament yesterday.

Marion Davis, head of policy at One Parent Families Scotland, said the two-child policy punished children “just for being born”.

She said: “The aim of the two-child policy seems to be to restrict the number of children that people on low income can have and should to be understood in this context.

“The two-child policy fails to consider what happens when people see their financial situation change. A parent of two or more children might suddenly find themselves separated, unemployed or in ill-health. It discriminates against a number of different groups for example, children with multiple siblings, large families and those with a religious or moral objection to the use of birth control.

“The argument that the two-child limit means that the benefits system is fair to those who pay for it, ensuring those on benefits face the same financial choices around the number of children they can afford as those supporting themselves through work is flawed. The reality is, 70% of those claiming tax credits are already working, severely undermining such a fairness objective.

“Many families will be bigger than the state-sanctioned size. As austerity bites and the safety net is removed, children will be punished just because they have been born. This is not something that OPFS thinks is acceptable.”

Child Poverty Action Group Scotland the Poverty Alliance have also responded, read more at Third Force News.

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