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  • OPFS Glasgow providing extra support to parents of school-age children

    The OPFS Glasgow service has received funding to provide support to single parents who have a school-age child or a child who is starting school. The Financial Inclusion team can support parents in Glasgow to maximise their income and successfully …

  • New £100 minimum national school clothing grant

    Thousands to benefit from minimum £100 grant. An estimated 120,000 families will benefit from a new £100 national minimum school clothing grant in Scotland as a result of partnership working between Scotland’s Local Authorities and the Scottish Government. Thanks to …

  • School Clothing Grants

    A big thank-you to the 343 parents throughout Scotland that completed the School Clothing Grant Campaign survey about school clothing grants, and cost of uniforms. OPFS are running this campaign in partnership with CPAG and Poverty Truth Commission. Key results were; …

  • Scottish School Clothing Grant Campaign

    UPDATE – Please note further to this campaign Scottish Government introduced a minimum clothing grant of £100. Further information available here.   The 1980 Education Act specifies that local authorities must make provision for the clothing of pupils who would …

  • Press: Anti-poverty campaigners call for a minimum school clothing grant

    CPAG in Scotland, the Poverty Truth Commission and One Parent Families Scotland (OPFS) will take to social media asking parents to share their views on what it really costs to get a child suited, booted and ready to return to school. They are also asking parents to write to their MSPs, highlighting the need for a minimum school clothing grant for the whole of Scotland.

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  • School Clothing Report

    Findings from the 2017 School Clothing Grants Survey  “I did without for months in order to afford school uniforms”    Across Scotland, the school clothing grant varies by local authority (from £40 to £110) and in many areas amounts set …

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