Closure of Glasgow Job Centres

OPFS Submission to DWP Consultation January 2017

The DWP issued a consultation seeking views on the future of Bridgeton, Castlemilk and Maryhill jobcentres in Glasgow – including the closure of the buildings and the services provided being transferred to other jobcentres in the city of Glasgow.

After 20 years, the national contract covering many Department for Work and Pensions offices expires on 31 March 2018. As a result DWP are reviewing what offices are needed in the future, taking account of the welfare reforms that will be delivered over the coming years.

The DWP say “by paying only for the space we need we will save many millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money. Where it makes sense to do so, we will also continue to make use of opportunities to co-locate and share buildings with other organisations.”

What this means for Glasgow

The city of Glasgow is split into 4 geographical areas – north, south, east and west. DWP propose to bring smaller jobcentres together into larger existing sites within the city’s 4 geographical areas while retaining sites in locations which they say are accessible to all residents.

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The DWP believe that “it is a reasonable expectation that claimants travel to an office within 3 miles or 20 minutes by public transport of their existing jobcentre.” If a proposed closure is outside of these criteria DWP consult publicly. Therefore the official consultation only covers the following 3 jobcentres:

  • Bridgeton Jobcentre;
  • Castlemilk Jobcentre; and
  • Maryhill Jobcentre.

DWP propose that: service delivery for Bridgeton Jobcentre will relocate to Shettleston Jobcentre, services for Castlemilk Jobcentre will move to Newlands Jobcentre and Maryhill Jobcentre services will be merged with Springburn Jobcentre.

See OPFS full submission below:

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