Mental Health and Wellbeing Service

Our new Mental Health and Wellbeing Service offers single parents an opportunity to:

  • Connect with others who may have similar experiences
  • Talk with a trusted person in a confidential space
  • Put positive plans in place
  • Provide reassurance that negative emotions may be normal reactions to difficult circumstances
  • See yourself as an individual with your own past, present and future
  • Develop kindness and compassion for yourself – You are doing your best!

Feeling in control of some aspects of your life can really support your Mental Health.  Enjoying better Mental Health will also benefit your children, which means that your home environment can feel happier.

Seeking help can be tough for so many reasons and often happens when crisis point is reached.  We want to offer support to single parents so that this does not always have to be the case.

Support Workers can offer:

One to One Support

Support Workers can help you to create an action plan, set goals and research activities in your local area.  Through this relationship, you can begin to feel more engaged in your life and by making small changes; your environment, your relationships, your physical and mental health can start to improve.

Group Support

We run a variety of groups at our local services, focused around ideas from parents themselves.  These are not ‘therapy groups’, however, being part of a group can feel therapeutic and powerful.  They offer an opportunity to share experiences, learn from others, help reduce feelings of isolation and offer the possibility of new friendships.


We offer a free, confidential, face-to-face counselling service for single parents and single parent carers. You can use this space to talk about a range of issues that may be affecting you and/or your family.

Counselling can help you:

  • Grow a deeper understanding of yourself,
  • Improve your relationships,
  • Bring about positive changes and
  • Learn new ways to deal with challenges in life.

Counselling sessions take place in our local service hubs.

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