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There is always something we need to know but are not sure where to find the answer. If you are a single parent or a single kinship carer in this position, we might have the answer you are looking for.

Our workers can give advice and support around healthy eating, managing stress,relaxation, safe home environments, family relationships, separation issues, etc. We can also give you information about local and city wide activities and services that could benefit you and your family. If we don’t know the answer you’re looking for, we will find someone who does.

We can meet with families at home or at our offices. Families can also attend our groups run at different times of the year, in different localities across Dundee.

The workers at OPFS Dundee can give you advice and information about things like:

  • Getting into work
  • Benefits checks
  • Training and volunteering
  • Childcare issues
  • Handling your separation
  • Contact/access issues
  • Family relationships
  • Children’s behaviour
  • Getting out and about in Dundee to meet other parents
  • Family activities
  • And many more things

We also have a variety of groups that families can attend to help then become fitter and healthier.

At different times we run our free weekly ‘Family Fit’ sessions. These fun sessions involve visiting local play-parks to join in activities to boost your fitness levels. These are for everyone so there is no need to feel you can’t join in just because you haven’t been active for a while.

Healthy cooking, healthy eating and doing this as cheaply as possible are things we think are really important. We run different groups that makes these things fun. How to prepare healthy meals and packed lunches is a topic we can help with along with cooking one pot easy meals. Check our Facebook page for details.

How to talk to children and teenagers about relationships and sexual health is very important for families in today’s world. We have workers and volunteers who are qualified to deliver the ‘Speakeasy’ course to help parents and carers become more confident in talking to their children about these often embarrassing matters. Our workers are also qualified to give advice about contraceptives and we are part of the Condom Initiative in Dundee and have stocks of condoms we can disitribute.

There so many things that could be affecting you and your family. If there is something you need to know, just get in touch with us and we will see what we can do to help. We have an answering machine so you can leave a message and someone will call you back. You can also contact our Lone Parent Helpline on 0808 801 0323.

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